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Hiring New Doctors

From Great to Grand

Grand Dental provides affordable and gentle dentistry for the entire family. With multiple locations, we offer patients general, cosmetic, and specialty dental care. Our team combines state-of-the-art technology with clinical experience. When you are a part of Grand Dental, you will experience the fun and friendly atmosphere we work to create. As a multi-specialty dental practice, we have the ability to provide a variety of dental treatments. Our goal is to deliver Extraordinary Care: One Neighborhood, One Patient, One Smile at a Time.

From our inception, Grand Dental has experienced sustainable growth in the Chicagoland area. Our success did not come by accident. It’s the result of strategically planned growth. Grand Dental Group is 100% dentist owned and operated with no outside affiliations. The foundation of our reputation is a deep-seated devotion to providing patient care that meets the Grand Dental criteria. Our team members are driven by the commitment to continued Extraordinary Care.

Our success is a direct result of empowering and supporting motivated dental professionals. Together we build and develop winning, patient-focused dental practices. Your future at Grand Dental is a fun, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial work environment.

Interested? We welcome the opportunity to talk with professionals about a career with Grand Dental and how you can grow from Great to Grand!

Great to Grand

Whether you are a recent graduate or simply looking for a fresh start, before you strike out on your own, consider Grand Dental; we might be your best choice! Dentistry has become an incredibly challenging industry with many barriers to entry. Rely on our experience and expertise to advance your career and professional opportunities.

Already have an established practice? Consider joining the Grand team! We provide support that will take much of the management burden off your plate while providing efficient and effective solutions to create a clear path to growth and success. Let us be your partner in practice as well as your vehicle for a more lucrative retirement when the time is right. Ask us how!

Our Brand

The Grand Dental brand is known throughout the Chicagoland area for Extraordinary Care. The systems and business relationships we have established are already in place for you to leverage and utilize.

For over three decades our logo has symbolized Extraordinary Care If you look closely at our logo, the tooth symbol is made from a “G” and a “D” for Grand Dental. Along with our name, our logo earns the recognition and the respect of the communities we serve. Be a part of the brand that represents Extraordinary Care.

The Advantages

Grand Dental’s built-in-systems provide you the time to concentrate on dental care and patient relationship building, while still providing plenty of free time to sustain a healthy work/life balance.

Faster and easier to start.

We make it easy. No stress or responsibilities that come with running a business on your own. Our offices are ready, staff are trained, new patients are coming through the door, and supplies are already ordered.

Name Recognition

It takes years to build up name recognition when you first introduce your practice. Grand Dental can provide you with instant awareness. You will not have to establish a brand name for yourself because that hard work is already done. You will benefit from a recognized brand and a relevant trademark. Furthermore, as we expand and grow, brand awareness will increase exponentially in a way it never could if you were simply running your own single office.

Proven Business Strategy

Grand Dental has established a well-honed, time-tested, and proven business model that works. With Grand Dental you will benefit from multi-generational dental knowledge and business experience to help you grow faster and better than you could on your own.


Grand Dental wants to help you thrive, grow, and flourish. We will guide you to find the location best suited to maximize your success. Grand Dental has the experience to help guide your selection process. High achievers, with proven clinical skills and excellent patient communication, will benefit from having first choice to move to a new location when one is opened or acquired.

Advertising and Marketing

Grand Dental provides the marketing and advertising support you need. Everything from internal media and Google ads to our robust social media presence and well-crafted websites will serve to support your growth through new patient acquisition and existing patient retention.


Grand Dental is always researching and innovating. Whether it be for clinical materials, procedures, equipment and process enhancements, or business-related matters that help keep our costs down and patient satisfaction up. Count on Grand Dental to do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the spoils.

Pre-established SupplyLines

As part of a larger company, you will have access to suppliers that are reliable and trustworthy. You will also have the purchasing power that comes with Grand Dental’s market presence, which helps keep costs to a minimum.

Accounting and Financial Systems

If insurance, payroll, taxes, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory management are not your strong suit, we understand! With Grand Dental, a ready-to-go accounting and financial system is already in place for you. We will provide you with an understanding of our accounting systems while allowing you to focus on growing your dental practice.

Training, Mentoring and Collaborating

In addition to hands-on training and mentorship, Grand Dental will provide you with operations and training manuals to eliminate the guesswork of running a thriving business. The policies and procedures necessary for training and managing employees are already proven. You can count on Grand Dental to provide a smooth and efficient operation. Dentists new to the group will benefit from mentoring and collaborating with senior dentists and in-house specialists on diagnosis, procedures, techniques, and case presentations.

Proprietary Methods & Technical Know-How

You will have the opportunity to learn proprietary techniques that we have developed and perfected over the years. In addition, you will benefit from the technical know-how and support of our well-established and experienced team.

Your Career

At Grand Dental, you can jumpstart your professional career and exceed your expectations both clinically and financially! Our associates and owners benefit from an income potential with no limits and robust benefit options. Your career with Grand Dental will also be on the fast track to providing you with growth opportunities rarely available to those who try to succeed on their own.

New Graduate Program

  • Commitment to Extraordinary Care for our patients
  • Gain experience with the guidance and support of our senior-dentists, owner-dentists, and a skilled team
  • Advance your dental skills while developing confidence
  • Guaranteed income provides security during early stages of your career
  • Group and solo continuing education opportunities made available regularly

Associate Dentists

  • Commitment and focus on Extraordinary Care
  • Progress and fine-tune your dental skills
  • Build expertise with guidance and support of our senior dentists, owner dentists and a skilled team
  • Higher earnings and accelerated career development
  • Leadership opportunities for continued career growth

Ownership Path

  • Finding your home for your professional career Pride of ownership
  • Managing, developing, growing the practice in one or more communities
  • An investment in your long-term success
  • Equity in a proven, growing business
  • Increased income opportunities
  • Pathway to financial freedom and retirement

Grand Dental Group
Rewards Your Efforts


Grand Dental offers you the opportunity to exceed industry-earning norms. Our Dentists consistently lead the industry in earnings! More importantly, Grand Dental offers you all the success you can handle, including a path to ownership. With these, you can build a career that includes both professional growth and equity in a successful business!

Earnings for our Dentists

Your income potential is unlimited and determined by your performance.

Our experienced full-time Associate General Dentists’ salaries range from $250,000 to $600,000 annually plus benefits.

Grand Dental offers opportunities at several levels for dentists of varied ambitions and goals.

Partners/Owners usually spend a minimum of two years proving themselves to earn this esteemed opportunity. The determining factor is your motivation and your effort! With our unique investment configuration (which may include access to capital) Grand Dental Group makes it possible for new and existing owners to continue to grow and develop the group!


Grand Dental offers hygienists a wide array of benefits that are superior to those of our competitors. At Grand Dental, hygienists are empowered to be an active part of the patient care experience. They are encouraged to be a voice for their patients and colleagues. Hygienists are provided growth opportunities in which to expand their knowledge and skills through company-provided continuing education classes.

Because we know that hygienists are the backbone of the practice, Grand Dental offers an appealing and competitive hygiene compensation and benefits package that surpasses industry standards. Hygienists choose Grand Dental as their home for a meaningful patient experience, access to the latest in dental technology, community and charity involvement, genuine team camaraderie, and for being treated and respected as a professional. If you are a hygienist looking for an inspiring work environment where you are truly in charge of your career success and you have a passion for Extraordinary Care, Grand Dental is the place for you.

Professional Development

We offer a wide range of professional growth and training opportunities. Grand Dental holds frequent leadership meetings for your entire office team consisting of seminars, presentations, and an array of recognition awards. Grand Dental’s training and development focus is on team execution, patient care, and practice improvement. Grand Dental providers have access to free ADA CERP accredited continuing education credits through the classes and speakers that we provide.

Provider’s Forum

Grand Dental has its own nationally recognized Study Club Chapter, where our providers meet on a regular basis for presentations from dental experts and specialists or peer to peer reviews. These meetings allow for open and frank discussions where everyone’s input is welcome. New techniques, procedures, and materials are presented because Grand Dental is committed to your success.

Benefits For
and Personal Life

Grand Dental provides benefits that support healthy and happy lifestyles. We offer a wide variety of programs and benefits to our team members that balance your growing career with your personal life.

Healthcare, Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision, and HSAs

Our group health insurance program provides options for individuals and families. Full-time employees are eligible to participate in Grand Dental Group’s health insurance plan. An HSA may also be available to help cover deductible expenses with pre-tax wages. The health insurance plan is subsidized by Grand Dental to help make this benefit more affordable for all employees.

401K Retirement Plan

Grand Dental team members can participate in our 401K retirement plan which provides a variety of investment options.

Malpractice Insurance (for dentists)

We do everything to assist you in securing coverage at the best possible rates. New graduates may be eligible for coverage underwritten by Grand Dental.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Grand Dental’s FSA program places pre-taxed wages into participants’ personal accounts for utilization towards non-covered medical expenses.

Child Care Flexible Spending Account

Grand Dental may also provide the option of investing pre-tax wages into a specialty FSA for childcare.

Discounted Dental Services

Our dental services are deeply discounted for our team members and their immediate families at any Grand Dental location.

Employee Assistance Program

Our employee assistance program (EAP) offers work/life balance services for full-time, eligible employees.

Disability & Life Insurance

Grand Dental provides eligible employees with programs that provide earnings in case of short or long-term disability and an individual life insurance policy with varying limits.

Q&A and Support

Does Grand Dental require long-term contracts?

We do not. Once you realize the benefits of working with Grand Dental, you will quickly understand why we are so confident that you will enjoy practicing here! Our provider contracts are renewed annually.

Will I have control over my scheduling times?

Our goal is to allot the right amount of time for you to provide Extraordinary Care for every patient. Your input on this will be vital to your success. Grand Dental will also help you manage your schedule through the guidance of our team leaders and clinical coordinators. We will assist you in managing patient volume and flow with the goal of improving your efficiency over time without negatively impacting the care you provide.

Will I be making my own clinical decisions?

Yes. You will have full autonomy in managing your patient care. Our dentists have full authority to diagnose and treat their patients. That said, we also believe that collaboration amongst our doctors helps us to best provide Extraordinary Care to our patients. Having multiple opinions benefits us as dental professionals to ensure the best options are available for our patients. Newer dentists will benefit from mentoring and collaborating with senior dentists and specialists as they begin to develop and present patient treatment plans. Our clinical leadership team will only intervene on a provider’s clinical decisions if there are concerns regarding ethics and/ or quality of care.


A primary benefit of your association with Grand Dental is our comprehensive support to help you clinically and operationally. We provide support in the background so you can focus on your patient care!

Marketing and Advertising

Grand Dental uses a variety of media, patient-focused marketing, and community participation programs to help you attract and retain your patients. The marketing professionals at Grand Dental Group work with you to make you visible and valuable in the communities in which you practice.

Laboratory Operations

We are constantly striving to make sure our dentists are able to provide the best dentistry for our patients. This is Extraordinary Care! To be able to do this, Grand Dental recruits the most proficient US laboratories and technicians to ensure consistent top quality fixed, removable, and orthodontic work. Our selection process also includes a win-win negotiating strategy, using our volume in exchange for the most favorable lab fees for our dentists. This cost control measure is one of many reasons our dentists are top earners!

Insurance and Collection Operations

Grand Dental’s expertise in insurance operations is unparalleled in our industry. Chairside, we work with our patients to maximize their plan benefits. Our verification process provides the most accurate and up-to-date information to help you treat your patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Behind the scenes we are constantly fighting on your behalf for the maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies. And when it comes to collecting payment, we have a time-tested process that ensures you are being paid for your work!

Facilities Management and Maintenance

Our professionals will see that you never need to worry about the physical chores of keeping your facility in top shape!

Accounting and Financial Services

The accounting and finance team provides critical financial information and daily practice data needed to help us measure and improve our offices. Centralized purchasing combined with our volume and resources results in the best pricing for us on supplies and equipment! The money we save is reinvested in Grand Dental to help grow the group and improve our facilities, which allows us to continue providing Extraordinary Care!

Technology and Systems Support

Grand Dental Group has a professional IT team to provide support with equipment, technology, and digital systems. Our experienced support team keeps you up and running and helps us all leverage the newest technologies!

Human Resources and Recruiting

We support your staff with a Human Resources team that provides benefits administration, payroll services, and employee relationship building.

On the recruiting side we understand that to provide Extraordinary Care, we need to surround ourselves with the best people! To attract and retain the best, we have developed a series of impressive benefit programs. Our systems are designed to maximize the return on our investment in outstanding team members!

Professional Development & Continuing Education

Grand Dental Group’s vast network of experts deliver the most current top-quality training and development programs, helping to keep the practices at the cutting edge of dentistry’s highest standard of care while providing you the Continuing Education credits you need for your licensure! Most of these programs, including Grand Dental’s own Study Club, are conveniently presented onsite. For our providers who have areas of interest beyond our onsite curriculum, we support participation in external education opportunities. Our team members and providers also participate in professional networking and training at major dental associated events across the country.

Embracing Communities

Grand Dental Group is committed to One Neighborhood. One Patient. One Smile at a Time. We serve and support the communities and people around us. Our care extends beyond our offices through several outreach programs in which we participate or that we have established.

Schools and Youth

Our offices have remarkable relationships with our communities’ schools. Our classroom and in-office educational programs are designed to encourage good dental health as well as to reassure our youngest patients that the dentist is their friend. In addition to our elementary school level programs, we work in career development outreach with many high schools. We also host youth-centered community events with local scout troops, preschools, libraries, and youth sports teams.

Some of the charities and community groups we support:

Community Events

  • Taste of Spring
  • Chocolate Walk
  • Old Canal Days
  • Pumpkinfest
  • Trunk or Treats
  • Egg Hunts
  • Miracle on Main
  • Earth Day Celebrations
  • Eddie Biondo Fall Fest Parade
  • Christmas in the Square
  • National Night Out

Schools, Churches, and Scouting

  • Calvary Christian School
  • Coal City High School
  • Old Canal Days
  • Fearn Elementary School
  • N. Barrington Elementary School
  • Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Girl Scouts of the USA

Charities and Volunteerism

  • A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter
  • Cup in Hand Kickball Fundraiser
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Fox Valley Special Recreation Association
  • Jeanine Nicarico Literacy Fund
  • Leyden Bears Football
  • Megan’s Mission Foundation
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research
  • Pink Heals Joliet
  • Toys for Tots
  • Youth Baseball / Softball Associations