Girl Scout Badge Events

Girl Scout Events at Grand Dental

Our Grand Dental Group dentists, hygienists, and assistants are passionate about community service and youth mentoring.  Our entire team enjoys growing today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders. We understand that interacting with children and teens helps to facilitate the process of turning young people into well-rounded, high-functioning members of society. In particular, our offices work closely with such service-oriented groups as the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA. Many of our staff persons are former scouts themselves and acutely aware of the positive impact scouting had had on their professional and personal lives.  All of our Grand Dental Group locations offer trips and tours for troops and dens that are part of The Girl Scouts of the USA and the Boy Scouts of America. Our offices are wheelchair accessible, smoke free, animal free, and free of latex and other common environmental and food-related allergens.

Girl Scouts of the USA Badge and Journey Programs

Without a doubt, our staffers that are former Girl Scouts speak highly of their experiences with this worthy organization. Growing girls into confident, educated women of high ethical standards is important to our female Grand Dental Group professionals. To foster this growth in young girls and teens, our office offers custom tailored Girl Scout events in our 4 locations. In the past, troops of Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes have all earned various badges and patches in dentistry, health, fitness, science, self-respect, and well-being.

When possible, our offices offer our facilities and create programs that allow girls to grow their knowledge, not just of dentistry and oral health, but of overall health and general well-being. This may include badges and journeys that focus on girl confidence and empowerment and personal growth.

Girl Scout Badges

Some of the most popular badge events hosted for Girl Scout troops are for the Daisy Girl Scout Gloria Petal and the Brownie Girl Scout My Best Self Badge.

The Gloria Petal focuses on self-respect and respecting others. It represents part of the Girl Scout Law. At a Grand Dental Gloria Petal Event, our team discusses respect with Daisy Girl Scouts as it pertains to oral and overall health: respecting one’s body through exercise, healthy eating habits and good personal hygiene, along with respecting the health and safety of others. In addition, our staff discusses how girls can show respect towards authority figures or figures of higher education, such as dentists and doctors.

The Brownie badge, My Best Self, also focuses on wellness and becoming the best Brownie a girl can be! Our team reviews how Brownie Girl Scouts can keep their mouths and bodies in good shape with excellent home oral hygiene care, healthy eating, and exercise. A discussion about female opportunities in health care and dentistry is also provided.

In our experience, girls respond most to hands-on experiences and experiments. For that reason, our events will also include different hands-on learning opportunities and science experiments such as: taking digital x-rays, placing dental sealants, taking dental impressions, fabricating dental plaster molds, and learning how cavities are made. Rest assured that these activities will be age-appropriate and are extremely safe for the girls to perform.  Girl safety is our #1 concern! There is no doubt that these experiments are the highlight of our event programs and well-received by all scouts!

Troop leaders and parents have the opportunity to request additional services such as a light snack and time and space to close the meeting, etc.  At all events, girls will receive a tour of the office and an explanation of the different jobs within the dental field. Our team also provides all participants with a dental care take home package and a Grand Dental Experience Participation Patch.

All of our tours and trips are complimentary and held year-round. Every effort is made to host the event at a time that is convenient as possible for the troop. All Girl Scout Troops are welcome to contact one of our offices for more information. The events are open for scouts’ parents, leaders, and siblings to attend, as well.

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